dont let limiting beliefs hold you back

Life is hard…

or it can be if you believe it is. 

However, did you know that your beliefs become your reality?
If you believe you can never overcome your problems or roadblocks then you will stay stuck.


We are the philosophers of our own life. We have a philosophy about money, happiness, relationships, success, healing, and love. We believe in these things in the deepest part of our souls and we are not willing to change them.

Most often people will try to change their opinions about something and stick their feet in the mud and won’t budge. We don’t want to see another side or view; we just want to think what we want.


So what about what you believe about yourself?  


What you believe about yourself is how your life will unfold. Your self-belief governs what you think you deserve and what you don’t.

Our thoughts about ourselves are more powerful than we realize. When you wake up in the morning with fear, it shapes your entire day. For example, knowing you have a review coming up can cause anxiety for days. You start each day wondering what your boss really thinks of you, reliving the good you have done for the company and the mistakes you have made. You ask yourself if you are worth a raise and likely tell yourself the reasons why you aren’t.

When you wake up thinking you aren’t good enough, guess what? Your brain responds that way all day. You see, our brain wants to protect you by any means necessary.

It will always choose the easiest way out.


When you allow this, you get stuck. 


This is why it is important to step outside your comfort zone into a world of unknowns and new beginnings, even if you are intimidated.

So what happens when you believe in your deepest self that you don’t deserve to be happy or lose weight?

Every belief is a self-fulfilling prophecy in life. How do we open up to new beliefs that are more joyous and liberating?

It only takes one loving thought to transform an entire belief system of fear. If you still think you aren’t deserving, it’s ok. Sometimes we need to make things a habit before they become a belief.

Start by taking a thought that is negative about yourself and flip it around where it is positive. Tell yourself this new thought every day until it becomes a belief. Give it time. Just start shifting those thoughts.


Shift happens when you change your beliefs!


Visualization Technique

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and picture a beautiful healing light shining into your mind and heart so no dark corners are left.

Imagine the screen clear of the old self so you can make room for a new self full of a belief system that inspires the change to create any new life you dream!

If you think you might be ready to make this shift, check out my Level 10 Health Hub where we walk through nutritional goals, fitness, and making this mind shift.

Amanda Roy