You do not have to go to a gym to get in a good workout.

If you want to get in better shape and tone your body but aren’t interested in outdoor exercise or going to a gym, not to worry!

There are many workouts you can do right from home, and there are a lot of new fitness trends related to staying out of the gym. Here are some of the top home fitness trends to try out.


The first type of workout that is still super popular to do at home is HIIT – which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training.

With this type of workout, you are increasing your intensity as much as you can, but you are doing short intervals. This might include doing sprints, jump squats, jumping jacks, and similar exercises that get your blood pumping and speed up your heart rate, but only for a few minutes at a time. 


While not necessarily at home, this is a workout that gets you out of the gym. Mindful walking is not only walking for exercise, including hiking and even jogging, but you stay mindful and present during the entire experience.

Mindfulness puts you in a state where you are only thinking of the activity and how you feel right at that moment. While walking, instead of listening to music or a podcast, try just walking in silence. Take in the sights, experience your breaths, feel your body and muscles moving. It almost puts you into a type of conscious meditative state, turning your daily exercise into a spiritual experience.


Next up is yoga! You can definitely do yoga at a local studio, but more and more people are starting to do this workout at home. Doing yoga at home is certainly not a new concept, but it is becoming more popular for a few reasons. 

First of all, there are ways to find amazing yoga teachers and workouts thanks to YouTube, and straight on people’s websites or blogs. Plus, social media is helping a lot because it creates this entire community around people who are also doing yoga at home.


More than ever before, people are using wearable technology for their home workouts. Apple Watches, Fitbits, and other wearable devices let you track your activity throughout the day, including during your workouts. That way, you know how many steps you took, calories burned, the intensity of workouts, and so much more.