I am Amanda

My passion is helping people overcome anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and just feeling stuck and not knowing what path to take.

Let me help you find a way out of your funk so you can start living again and focus on the things that matter.

I will encourage you to find your power again to conquer your goals by creating a new mindset and identity that aligns with your core values. Let me walk beside you. Together we can sit in a place of vulnerability and honesty so that you can experience joy, peace, and inner freedom once again.


What You Learn

  • How to achieve sustainable, long-lasting results.
  • How to change your mindset and thoughts around food and wellness.
  • You will discover the triggers that have been holding you back from success.
  • How to choose foods that support your goals while still enjoying the foods you love.
  • You will learn how to become aware of how your thoughts are impacting your life.

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What We Do

I help YOU steer through the noise of life and find YOUR solutions to becoming a better version of yourself.

Whether your journey is weight loss, wellness coaching, or navigating through life’s obstacles, I can help guide you through it.

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My Services


If you are tired of dieting and ready to learn how to eat intuitively and get off diets long term, this is the program for you. We deep dive into FOOD BINGING, EMOTIONAL EATING TRIGGERS, and SOCIAL INFLUENCES keeping you from losing weight. In addition, this program contains fitness and nutrition coaching to set you up for success. I guide you to health using a HOLISTIC approach by helping you learn how to GET OFF MEDICATIONS, CONTROL YOUR DIABETES, REDUCE INFLAMMATION, and LOSE WEIGHT. Let’s get healthy together. You dont have to do it alone!



It is time to LEVEL UP your life so that you are a 10 in all areas! This coaching up is a membership to take you to that next level in your health.

Are you ready to be a 10 in your body?

In your mind? In your health?

Join this group to transform your life.



Feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or unsatisfied?

Get Coached. Seriously.

Every person on this planet needs a life coach.

I can prove it. Your brain is designed for survival and preservation.

It creates negative stories that don’t serve you in your professional and personal relationships.

It dictates sentences to you all day long that you may not be aware of.

When you get coached, you realize what is going on in there.

60 thousand thoughts per day.

Many of them are unconscious and negative.

When you get coached, you get to see these thoughts.

You get to see how they are determining how you…


No judging. No shame. Just an honest conversation with someone who has been there, done that.

You will have an opportunity to talk about whatever you want and I will guide you through the obstacles to fight the stronghold and feel empowered and in control again.

Set up a call to see if this program is right for you.



If you have areas in your life where you know you aren’t showing up in the way you most want to, it is because of the thoughts (the sentences) in your brain playing on autopilot.

These thoughts that were programmed without your knowing throughout your whole life.

One thought can change the trajectory of your day, your week, your year and eventually your legacy.

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